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Founded in 1979 studio bonbon was a textile printing studio run by two women*. The printing workshop closed it doors in 1988, but studio bonbon kept existing. As a daughter of one of the founders I grew up surrounded by the textiles. I never experienced the production factory active, but I was always fascinated by the idea that my mother ran a workshop with a 30 meter long printing table. Our house was a place where studio and living areas merged; living on the first floor, working on the ground floor. The domestic space, functional objects and joint activities are things I have been drawn to and explored throughout my art education. In my work I try to achieve completeness: collaborative activities that are experienced in a setting where textile, furniture, art and objects are created with the same attention, turning the white gallery space into an intimate and approachable one. In 2018 I relaunched studio bonbon during the graduation show in the pavilion of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. My aim is to extend bonbon’s function from only textile prints to a cross disciplinary creative studio: From designing textile and furniture to initiating workshops, becoming a temporary store and working on an ongoing archival collection.

Teuntje Kranenborg 

*Christine van der Heide & Alke de Kroes