…How does life and work go together? How to live in your art – how to live with art? Can my private life and work exist next to each other?…

Originally Studio Bonbon was a textile printing studio founded in 1979. The printing workshop closed it doors in 1988, but Studio Bonbon kept existing. As a daughter of one of the woman who founded Studio Bonbon I have decided to continue on the studio, where silkscreen printed textile will only be one of the components. In 2018 the official studio relaunch took place during my graduation show from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

Throughout my art education I have been drawn to domestic spaces and facilitating collaborative activities. In my work I try to achieve a completeness. All elements that will be present have been created with the same attention. From the stool you are sitting on to the spaghetti that will be freshly prepared for a joint meal.

teuntje kranenborg